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I saw a ladybird
on the bus -
stuck, crawling
along the edges
of the glass. it
struggled up the
until it realised
was no better
than down,
and right
no better than
left. everything
on the other
side was just
a dream.
where do we
walk, if not in
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 1 0
strike the blade through
her silver heart -
and spend a lifetime
whether you have made
the right decision.
after all: what is the
sun without her moon?
the stars would be
in mourning. and the
darkness will wonder
where the shadows
went. and even the sun
cannot envelop the whole
earth in her warmth.
but then, all planets and
their counterparts will
eventually fade into
the distance. and the
heavens will be
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 4 6
forgive me
i am going to do
great things
in other places
but i cannot linger
here, where the
poison has invaded
the air and i cannot
feel my heart
i am a wilted flower
here, i cannot
live on rain alone
i need the sunlight.
forgive me.
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 4 12
sometimes i forget where
i left off-
mountains of uncovered
distance, thoughts
abundant in the
quiet catastrophes
of the morning light.
where do i reveal
myself and where am i
read by others?
where do the words
leave me before ever
having to say them?
all this negative space,
all these dreams light
like feathers, endless
glowing eyes and empty
hands, soothing safe
rooms and warmth.
these thoughts are
unraveled before my eyes,
and caught in the midst
of a quiet chaos
and i no longer spend
my nights dreaming of
what i want. i am ensnared
in something much larger
than this.
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 3 0
distant space
tell me, dear:
what did you dream of?
what made your light
fade into the dimness
beyond our human eyes?
where did it stop? when
did you lose your
hope for a future?
can you think further
than the breaths you
what is tugging you towards
the light? what is dragging
you towards the darkness?
which path will you choose?
whose outstretched hand
will you turn a blind eye
where will you take
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 3 0
why did you have to
leave me with
my heart caved in,
hooked on your dreams
and words, with my
ribs cracked open,
clear and vulnerable
for everyone to see?
why do you mould the pain
into nonexistence?
what gave you the right
to pump anything other
than blood
through my veins?
why do you look the other
way as soon as
you've caught my attention?
what am I to you?
what should you be
to me?
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 2 0
fingers flick, careless;
they succeed in doing what
is impossible
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 3 6
a quiet evening -
wings flutter against the glass:
her voice like music
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 4 6
untitled haiku
fluorescent space;
slanted sunlight pouring in -
inviting outside...
elegant castle,
cold against the guardians'
glowing bright green hue
turned off the light switch -
high ceilings stretch into the
lustrous summer air
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 1 0
Song of the Land
the hills rolling like waves;
the trees dancing in the
glowing night,
throwing back their heads
as their leaves quiver and
sparkle in the tempestuous
the clouds curl and twist,
swirling and whirling
the birds are flocking and
intricately weave a web of
oxygen, snaring
colours in their midst.
lamp posts shaking; rocks
and bricks crackling;
flags fluttering like kites.
humans twirling, joyful
cries on their lips,
reaching their hands out
towards the eternal sky;
singing the song of
the land, preaching the
tale of the ancients.
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 2 8
it is time
to get lost in
something new
emerging from
an ocean
that i did not
have any intention
of leaving;
pulled out of
the waves,
forced to stay
when i long
with all my heart
to be
i do not live off
the air,
oxygen is not
my poison.
my heart pumps
something heavier
than blood.
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 1 0
He's not entirely sure why he came here. He's not that much of a drinker, and there aren't even any of his friends to keep him company. In all honesty, he's uncomfortable. His pint is too bitter, and the air is so thick that he almost gags on it. It permeates cigarette smoke, alcohol, and darkness. The pub seems to have a disregard for the non-smoking rule. He has a hard time even finding the smoking-prohibited sign, as the level of illumination is set at a perpetual twilight. Various lamps are dotted around the room, emitting a golden glow. Despite the number of these light bringers, they do not seem to lighten up the area; nor his mood. He feels a deep sense of disconnection, but still he glances around the pub, desperate for company.
There are a few people seated on chairs and barstools, most of them near the bar. Three elderly men are in a heated conversation about politics, gesticulating wildly, almost spilling their pints. A young couple, seated in the corner near one of t
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 2 2
The safety to write
Writing is often said to be linked to bouts of creativity. We write when we feel it, innately; we feel the pull to put words on paper, to type them, to scribble them in notebooks or on beermats, depending on where we are. That tug, it doesn’t come often.
For me, it only comes when I am unhappy, angry, or sad. My poetry is almost always connected to the negative emotions I feel, or connected to something I am struggling with. After particularly harsh days I can write whole poems in under a minute, scratching my frustration into paper, or almost attacking the keyboard I use. The need to hurt myself is replaced with the need to hurt out loud; the need to chronicle my pain on paper.
This is why I was so nervous to start my summer course. I am currently doing a short story class in which we get writing exercises that we have to bring to class, and then discuss with the rest of the group. I have never felt so vulnerable. To share my work directly, face to face, with other people
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 3 6
Pride Month: Nature by dragonfuture Pride Month: Nature :icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 24 13
water drops come
down in
a soft drizzle -
unheard, silent.
the leaves nod their
assent to
the droplets on their
gravitational journey
to the ground.
rainfall like
a breath of air;
the tears that
fall onto the grass
with the sound of
a sigh.
Droplets create an
almost imperceptible
burst of harmony.
torrents bursting
from spherical clouds;
downpours rolling off
the roofs like thunder.
thrumming on the windows,
drumming on the pavements,
streaming down the streets...
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 3 0
you are not
a shapeshifter.
do not try to
bend, to
be flexible,
to merge into
someone you are not.
give yourself
without taking apart
anything of your
own body & heart.
sacrifice has
always been
to honour,
but how can we
honour you
when there is
left of you?
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 3 0
I hope you like my photography & writing!
Gentle reminder that you're awesome! :iconsupertighthugplz:

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Dear all,

I seem to be finding it difficult to be online. I think this is because of the large amount of people I Watch, and the amount of Deviations I feel I have to get through. I know it's not something to be forced but it does kind of feel that way. So I'm going to have a good look at all the Deviations in my Notifications and see how I can diminish the amount. Otherwise, I'll keep feeling this way.

Of course, I won't unwatch anyone, I might just disable Deviations of some people I watch for a while, until I figure out a better solution.

Gentle reminder that you're all wonderful & super cute! Have an amazing week! :love:

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[i am under construction!]

hi, I'm Lisa! I write stuff. I used to do a lot more photography but as I'm a busy person it's easier to be writing stuff than be going out and taking photographs. I hope to be able to pick up my camera again though!

furthermore, I like lots of things: TV shows, films, loads of music, drumming, photography & writing (obviously), talking to people I like, love & appreciate.

currently watching: The Gifted s1, Riverdale s1.
currently playing: To the Moon (minisodes).
currently reading: Lydia Davis - Can't and Won't (Stories); Stephen King - The Dark Tower; The Gunslinger.


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